Archangel Michael Greek Orthodox Church

Serving the Orthodox Christians of West Central Florida

Archangel Michael Parish Council

The Parish Council provides a vital role in the collaborative governance of the parish. The people who serve are elected at the fourth quarter General Parish Assembly, and hold staggered three-year terms of office. The 2022 Council has adopted the following goals:
1. Be approachable and open-minded
2. Seek new ideas
3. Keep parish members informed
4. Get parish members involved

We currently have an opening on the Council. If you are interested in serving, please send a note to our President

President, Geraldine Jones,
Treasurer, Demetria Cefola,
Secretary, Georgia Nicolaou,
Secretary Assistant, and fundraising chairperson, Robin Tzivanis,

Dr. Pam Masoud
Dorothea Aucoin
Stephanie Woythaler
Johanna Lazarou

General Membership Meeting Minutes