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Are you a Good Steward?

Stewardship can be measured in many ways. No doubt when we think of stewardship to our Church we think of monetary giving. Indeed, this is a key component of any stewardship program. However Stewardship entails much more. Stewardship includes: Attending Church Regularly, Participating and assisting in church activities, volunteering your time and talents to church programs as well as giving monetarily.

1. Financial Giving: The Stewardship program is a simpler, practical and above all, a Christian plan to finance and operate the Church. The Program places responsibility of supporting our Church right where it belongs – on every member. Stewardship is what you decide to give, bearing in mind that your gift will help sustain our Church and various ministries. What should you Give? The ideal which we are striving to implement in our program is based on allowing each individual to give according to their means and conscience. Everyone 18 years of age and over, who is self-supporting, and who wants to assume his/her responsibility to their Church should participate in the Stewardship Program. Your commitment is a personal one between you and God. Your pledge is not a contract, it is kept strictly confidential and may be increased or decreased if personal circumstances dictate. In addition to Ecclesiastical requirements, a Stewardship Pledge is necessary for you to be considered a member in Good Standing with the Parish.

We ask for your assistance to help us achieve 100% participation. In addition, our work and our cost can be reduced dramatically if we are able to submit all names at one time to our printer – so please do not delay. Submit your pledge today. If you would like information on submitting a pledge, please e-mail the Parish President:
e-mail Parish President now

2. Coordination of Volunteer Tasks: Because so many tasks need to be performed in a parish, our Stewardship Chairman assists by coordinating these tasks and assigning them to those whose talents include a desire and ability to work on a particular project. The Stewardship Chairman also works closely with the Men's Club of the Parish who perform a variety of odd jobs on a regularly scheduled day each month. In addition to work, the group has the opportunity to develop greater friendships amongst each other. Great extended family experience. Contact the Men's Club contact Men's Club now, or contact the Stewardship Chairman and offer your time and talents contact Stewardship Chairman now.

3. Narthyx Attendants: The Stewardship Chairman also coordinates the Narthyx Attendants, opening and closing the church on Sundays, making sure candles are stocked, etc. If you would like to volunteer by assisting in the Narthyx n Sunday mornings, please contact the Stewardship Chairman contact Stewardship Chairman now